Snowboard shop sales during Black Friday

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snoboard shop during black friday

You have been waiting a whole year to buy your dream gear, searching the internet for tips and watching snowboarding YouTube videos. Nevertheless, when the Black Friday snowboard gear deals hit, you are at a loss for what to choose. There are so many models to select from and the prices are so low that you just want to buy them all. But here lies the catch. Many shops want you to buy their low-quality products for unreasonable prices even at such huge discounts. So how to choose the right snowboard and get the best bang for your buck? 

Selecting the best snowboard

When it comes to snowboard selection, there are a few characteristics that need to be bared in mind regardless of whether you are looking for discounted deals or not. These aspects include size, purpose, shape, and flexibility. Before rushing to buy a discounted snowboard, you have to remember that it has to reach your chin in length, be wide enough so that your boots hang over it a little, but do not touch the ground when riding, as well as be of a shape and flexibility suitable for the purpose and locations of use. 

To get the best of Black Friday snowboard deals in 2022, do profound research on the market a couple of days prior and consult with professionals in order to know exactly what you need to buy and not waste a second once the discounts begin.

snoboard equipment during black friday

However, do not worry if you missed the best Black Friday snowboard deals, many retailers prolong the discounts to Cyber Monday as well, so you have more time to make your choice.

Another recommendation is to check online stores and their social media for any early-bird special offers. Do not be afraid to sign up for such deals to get the bargain you want and, possibly, receive bonuses.

The best Black Friday snowboard package deals

To save you time and make your snowboard selection process much quicker, we have compared the pre-discount prices on snowboard gear (including boots, pants, jackets, bags, bindings, etc.) from the most popular online retail websites. To start your research on the Black Friday snowboard package deals, start with the following websites.

snoboard for kids during black friday
  1. Amazon. The current snowboard prices are in the range of $38-1750. The brands available on the website include Burton, Dakine, Smith, Spyder, Oakley, Giro, and Arctix. The website offers more snowboard gear rather than actual snowboards. The selection extends to bags ($50-335), boots ($66-330), and bindings ($80-595). 
  2. Target offers only plastic snowboards for kids. If you want to introduce your children to snowboarding – this is a perfect chance to do so while not spending much. The prices vary from 30 to 70 dollars. Unfortunately, Target does not provide any professional snowboarding gear, however, it is a great choice for those, whose kids are interested in sports.
  3. Walmart. This shop has a selection of snowboards both for kids and adults, made from plastic or wood. The cost range depends on the type of board. Children’s plastic snowboards are comparable in price to Target (up to $70), while professional snowboards for men and women fluctuate from $200 to $750. The store offers a surprisingly big list of brands to choose from, like MIARHB, HEAD, Burton, Tyrolia, Marker, Union and others.
splitboard during black friday

None of the above-mentioned platforms offer the latest snowboarding trend – splitboards. For a splitboard Black Friday sale, we advise you to visit professional sports shops in person.
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