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shredding the gnar

Winter is high time for exciting sports. “Shredding the gnar” is among the most popular winter occupations in the mountains. More and more people want to try it each year and if you too have it on your bucket list, then you should start picking the right board immediately and plan your winter vacation in the mountains in a hotel with a gorgeous view.



How to pick the right snowboard

Choosing the winter equipment that fits your size is extremely important to ensure no injuries and the easiness of the ride. There are a few specifications, that need to be followed in order to select the item that is best suited for you:

  1. The board should not be wider than your boots. They should hang over the deck a little, but not too much as to touch the ground when riding;
  2. The flexibility of the gnar depends on where you want to use it;
  3. Choose the shape of the board in accordance with the terrain where you will be riding it and your style.
  4. How to choose snowboard length? — It must reach your chin.

how to choose snoboard length

The product in question can be divided into 5 types depending on their purpose:

  • All mountain – universal boards, suited for riding almost anywhere. Have medium flexibility to adjust to different sceneries;
  • Freestyle/park – suitable for jumps, riding on the rails and doing various tricks. Usually are shorter and slimmer and have softer flexibility;
  • Freeride – designed to explore the mountain areas that are not made specifically for riding;
  • Powder – shaped in a way to easily ride through powder snow;
  • Splitboards – can be broken down into two parts for facilitating the process of getting up the slope.

The shapes of the board also have various differentiations in relation to their purpose. A directional shape suggests that a board can only be ridden in one direction. It is stiffer in the tail and softer in the nose. The twin shape ensures the possibility to ride the board both ways. This is the best beginner snowboard as it is symmetrical. The directional twin shape is a mix of the former two, combining both the symmetrical shape and the directional core.

Flexibility is yet another aspect needed to choose the product. There is no fixed method of flexibility estimation across different brands. Most companies use a 1-10 scale with 1 being the softest and 10 being the stiffest. Soft boards are meant for freestyle and all-mountain as they allow for more agility. This kind of ragnar is excellent for beginners. Stiffer models are more controllable, hence they are better for freeride and backcountry. So for a starter snowboard, a soft model would be best.



What’s better: skis or snowboard?

There always has been an unspoken rivalry and competition between these two types of winter recreation. Both sports have their merits, but comparing the two together one can state that it is easier to learn how to ride the board professionally. In this sport, both of your legs are attached to the same deck, thus it is easier to be in control and turn.

what is better skis or snowboard

However, for the very same reason, skiing is safer for your legs. Due to the fact that you have a separate ski on each leg, you have a better range of motion and can prevent falling and breaking your limb. It is easier to keep the balance when you are turned to the front and not sideways, as well as when you can move both of your legs freely.

One of the downsides of skiing is footwear. While board boots are soft and comfortable to walk around in, ski boots are huge casts of plastic that will add a couple of kilos to your legs and make you look like you broke both of your ankles at once.

In terms of riding and tricks possibilities, both sports have no limits on-piste or off-piste. You can do jumps, flips and other stunts in either of them. The best women’s and men’s snowboard for beginners should have high flexibility, so it is easier to maneuver and try to perform some jumps.

Using a draglift is not easy in general, but board riders have it harder. In order to ride a draglift, you have to unfasten one foot and just place it on the board. This reduces your control of the equipment and any bump can make you (and other people riding the lift behind you) fall epically. In skis, it is much easier to grab onto the lift and be in control.

Talking about the “cool factor”, riding a board is definitely perceived by people to be cooler and more “rebellious”. It looks much cooler even though skiing is far more popular. In case you have a dilemma of whether to choose ski or snowboard for your toddler, you should really consider the safety factor first. Besides, skiing is easier to learn in the early stages.

What goes faster skis or snowboard

To determine what kind of equipment is faster, it is enough to look at the world records for both of them.

  1. The greatest board speed ever recorded constitutes 203 km/h. This record was achieved by Edmond Plawczyk in 2015.
  2. As for the skis, the record speed is 254 km/h, making this discipline significantly faster. What makes this sport faster is the shape of the skis which allows for gathering up less drag. They are also longer, meaning there is better weight distribution.

Are skis more expensive than snowboards?

Frankly, there is no difference between either. Both of these gadgets have a relatively similar price which depends on their category and the quality of manufacturing materials. The prices across different internet shops are the following:

  1. Amazon: $50-$2990. Has a variety of accessories and clothing to go with the sport.
  2. Walmart: $6.99-$499. A wide selection of kids’ snowboards.
  3. Target: $29-$280. Even though the prices are quite moderate, there are only 40 options to choose from.

As a result of the comparison one can conclude, that Amazon has the best selection of products and Target has the least equipment available on sale.  Choosing the right board can be tedious, especially for a beginner. Consequently, it is recommended to conduct thorough research and consult with professionals before making a purchase. If you do know exactly what you are looking for, Walmart has the best snowboard prices to offer.
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