Children’s and professional hockey sticks

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 children's hockey sticks

Sportsmen start playing this sport professionally from childhood, therefore, in addition to models for adults, there are also children’s hockey sticks for sale, designed for ages from 4 to 7 years (they are marked Youth or yth). For them, as well as for adults, you need duct tape for the stick: without it, it will get wet, which will worsen the grip on the puck and lead to its loss. Also, the winding protects the hook from destruction, prolonging its service life.

Selecting a stick according to the main parameters

The main division of all types is based on the age group:

  • children’s ones are intended for a child aged 4 to 7 years;
  • teenage – for 7-14 years old, are labeled Junior (jr);
  • for 14-17 years old you need youth ones labeled Intermediate (int);
  • for those over 17, you need adult models marked Senior (Sr).
teenage hockey stick

The size of a hockey stick depends on the style of the game. There are several typical approaches when choosing them:

  1. The lightest and shortest is designed for those who are good with the puck and dribbling. It is ideal in situations where the room for maneuver is limited.
  2. The average is chosen by universal players. With this stick, it is easier to make interceptions, make strong throws, and participate in the struggle for a projectile in the corner of the hockey rink or directly in front of the goal.
  3. Goalie sticks in hockey are the longest. The issue of length is critical: it helps to disrupt enemy attacks. With the right technique, the length also helps to increase the power of the throw.

If you suddenly did not find the right length on sale, then it is better to take a longer one and saw off a part. As the child grows, it is possible to insert a wooden extension. But remember that the length is directly related to flexibility: as the length decreases, it also decreases.

Selecting a stick according to the main parameters

The most common manufacturing material options are wood, aluminum, plywood, and composites (carbon stick). From the point of view of design features, there are solid and composite. In one-piece ones handle and hook are a single unit. Composite structures have 2 undoubted advantages: low price and the ability to replace only one part in case of breakage. Remanufactured compound-type clubs show the same “working” characteristics as new ones. In addition, the player can experiment with different hooks, finding the perfect one for themselves.

Canadian CCM is the leader in hockey equipment

Although the company was officially registered in 1899, it began to seriously engage in equipment for hockey players in 1905. Therefore, the products of this company have become an example of quality for other brands around the world.

Canadian CCM is the leader in hockey equipment

Sticks are offered in three lines: Ribcor, JetSpeed, and Tacks. The flex points of the CCM sticks are the main difference between the three series.

  1. The Ribcor has a Low Kick Point with a soft bottom and a hard center zone. It is characterized by a minimum release time of the puck from the hook, i.е. increases the sharpness of the throw at a short distance. Ribcor makes puck control, passing, and dribbling easier.
  2. JetSpeed ​​has a Hybrid Kick Point. The form is “sharpened” for a balance between sharpness and throwing power. The hardest zone is located between the two soft ones – in the middle and lower parts. An ideal solution for a fast-paced game strategy to increase speed.
  3. Tacks is represented by sticks with a mid-point deflection (Mid-Kick Point). Yes, the tension during the throw is longer than with a hybrid or lower camber, but the player gets more power on impact. Best suited for long distance work.

All three lines are professional models, which is reflected in their cost. Tacks has been using the innovative MicroGrip coating since 2021. In addition to the sticks themselves, the manufacturer offers covers for them with a convenient carrying format and packing in a bag with the rest of the equipment.
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