Features of riding a road bike and the advantages of choosing it

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City road bike

If you take a look at what a racing road cyclist looks like, there will be no questions about the design: its low position is due to the desire to increase aerodynamic characteristics and reduce air resistance. But such a landing on a road bike within the city will cause, at least, bewilderment: why bend like that, it’s inconvenient!

Yes, you need to get used to it. But if you’ve been riding for a week and still can’t find a point of comfort, think about whether the fit is still wrong or the frame is not the right size?

Many, having read the main characteristic of these bikes – high speed – do not understand how a highway bike can be the right choice for the city. But the devil is in the details, and in this case, the detail is the average speed of such a unit.

The speed with which they drive on average on a highway is 25 km / h, which is quite possible within the limits of streets, traffic lights and traffic jams. And unlike the MTB (mountain bike), it will be much easier to pick up speed up to 30 km / h and maintain it.

Road biking: adjusting the saddle and handlebars

Road cycling technique involves the correct adjustment of the saddle and handlebars. A typical novice mistake is to tilt the nose of the saddle forward to avoid pressure on the crotch. But road bikes are not mountain models, and when riding them you need to tilt your body forward.

The only correct position is parallel to the ground. If the saddle continues to press hard, then put it a little lower. The second problem is the steering wheel. It should not be higher than the saddle: below or flush. The design provides for the possibility of adjusting the tilt of the steering wheel, so feel free to experiment, choosing the optimal format for yourself.

Driving position on the highway

Which road bike to choose if I’m “heavy”?

Every two-wheeler has a weight limit. But don’t be deceived by the visual lightness and subtlety of a road bike: it’s not your 100 kg that you’re afraid of, but the sharp-edged potholes that pierce the wheel tubes against the rim.

Therefore, at the initial level, you need to learn how to sit correctly and avoid punctures. Your weight will be important only if you do not keep the balance of price and quality: cheap models (Chinese brands) are simply not designed for a weight of more than 100 kg according to the materials used in them.

highway for people weighing over 100 kg

In addition to the peculiarities of operation due to non-standard weight, there are also general care recommendations that relate to the rules for cleaning and storing the bike. So, the chain and stars must be lubricated at the same time – immediately after they dry after cleaning. Manufacturers offer specialized formulations, and it’s better not to save on them, so that you don’t have to spend more on new parts. It is better to leave the lubricant overnight so that it penetrates into the links, and then remove the residue with a dry cloth.

In order for the selected bike to last longer, road bike care must be appropriate:

  • make sure that the pressure in the tires is always close to the maximum;
  • heavy guys should send the bike for MOT more often: after the first hundred kilometres, you may have to adjust the spokes, which account for the main pressure;
  • when driving off a curb or overcoming an obstacle, stand up in the saddle, otherwise you risk bending the saddle frame;
  • use a low gear to unload the pedals, but at an increased speed.

If for you the road bike is a new “beast” and not previously tested, you will have to get used to it for some time. Understand how to shift gears, how to properly position the body, work out gear shifting reflexes. This is especially prominent in those cases when you are used to the standard MTB, and have not yet developed a new set of reflexes. Everything will seem wrong to you.


Can road bike parts be replaced with mountain bike parts?

From a technical point of view, there is no problem with that. But in this case, you will not feel all the delights that a complete set of “native” spare parts gives, because road contacts feel completely different from MTB.

The main thing that experienced riders note is the feeling of complete unity with the bike, which is especially acute when climbing uphill and accelerating. If you want to feel all the power that the road bike gives, do not change anything, because its design was not invented just like that, but the features that are unusual from the first time will soon become second nature.
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