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child bike seat

Let’s talk about an important quality of modern parenthood – the need to be active and mobile 24/7. In today’s dynamic world, few parents can afford to drop out of social life for a few years and plunge into the domestic routine until the moment the children go to school. It is especially difficult to imagine such thoroughly energetic people with an active lifestyle. It is good that the modern world not only makes demands on a person for his active social role, but also offers a solution – a child seat on a bike.


Obviously, different categories of parents need different functionality for child seats on a bike. Bicycling children vary in size, age, degree of obedience, and activity. In the end, if your little one is very active and physically developed, he does not need a wheelchair, but a personal bicycle. And if you need to drive at least a few kilometers every day, and the child is too small or simply does not keep up with you on a three-wheeled bike, you are faced with a choice. From this, varieties of chairs are born. First of all, they are divided into:

  • Front child bike seats;
  • Cycle seats on the trunk;
  • Bicycle seats on the seatpost.

 All three of these types differ from each other in the permissible load, and convenience, and the method of attachment, and therefore we will analyze them in order.

Front seat for bike

Such a child seat on a bicycle is installed on the frame, in front of the adult seat. The advantage of this chair is that the child is always in sight, and the parent can have a direct conversation with him. Of course, these types of chairs are designed for the smallest. If you are wondering at what age a child seat on a bicycle is reasonable, then for the front one it is enough that the child knows how to sit. But preferably not earlier than a year. But you also need to be sure that you will not fall.

Front seat for bike

The front seat has a number of disadvantages:

  1. You just don’t feel comfortable driving.
  2. When falling, the small passenger will suffer first.
  3. If the baby weighs more than 15 kg – this option is simply not suitable.
  4. Mounts are not universal. Not suitable for every frame.

Verdict: for kids under 3 years old, with a very careful driver.

Bike seats on the trunk

These seats are different. First, they can be simply royal: with a high back, armrests, a footrest and a pillow. Secondly, such a landing of the child does not interfere with the parent to steer and follow the road.

Bicycle seat on the trunk

Thus, pros and corns of this seat are:

  1. Ability to carry a child weighing up to 25 kg.
  2. Comfortable chair with footrests.
  3. Ability to maneuver.
  4. Not suitable as a child seat on a bike up to 30 kg.

Verdict: universal convenience up to 6 years.

Bike seat for seatpost

If your child weighs more than 25 kg, you need a completely different seat option. The installation of such a child seat on a bicycle is carried out using a seat tube attachment, which is the most reliable installation method and is suitable for any bicycle.

Bike seat for seatpost

The undoubted advantages include:

  1. The load capacity of the bike seat is up to 35 kg.
  2. The child does not interfere with the parent.
  3. High cushioning of the chair, can be installed even on a mountain bike.
  4. Safety for the child in case of a fall or collision.

But such a universal unit also has disadvantages: a child cannot enjoy the views due to a limited outlook, and the bicycle constantly wags, which also needs to be taken into account.

Verdict: Great for toddlers, but it’s better to install a rearview mirror to keep an eye on your child.

Varieties of children's bicycle seat

The verdicts show that there is no one-size-fits-all answer: choose a seat that suits your needs and the needs of your child.

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