A small skateboard that is both cute and functional

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A small skateboard that is both cute and functional

What is a penny board? To put it simply, it is a small deck with 4 wheels. Some people have a misconception that this method of transportation is only for kids, however, this is not correct, and the product can be enjoyed both by children and adults. Whether you want to get from point A to point B faster, or just cruise around the city, this skateboard will be perfect for any purpose.

Main characteristics

In order to choose the best size penny board for beginners one needs to consider the entire variety of their sizes. These skateboards usually come in 5 lengths: 22”, 27”, 29”, 32”, and 36”. Beginners need to have more room for their feet, so when it comes to penny vs nickel, it is recommended to start with longer boards of 27” (which are called nickel boards) and further to obtain more stability.

Penny board Main characteristics

The wheels of this skateboard are significantly larger and softer than those of the standard board, which makes it much easier to ride in all landscapes. The deck is usually made from plastic, nonetheless, there are fully metal models as well. You can find these tiny skateboards in a variety of prints, colors, and designs to fit your specific taste. There is even a penny board with light-up wheels and a possibility to order a board with your custom ideas to make the riding process more fun!

Penny board vs longboard

penny board vs longboard

When comparing the two skateboards together, the answer to the question “which of them is better?” largely depends on different criteria.

  • The former is significantly smaller and easier to carry around (which also makes it cheaper), whereas the latter is larger and bulkier, as well as has more weight to it.
  • Nevertheless, the same reason defines their safety, making the second option way safer, as it offers more room for feet and stability.
  • Penny is not suitable for riding downhill, whereas a long one can be used for it, as well as for riding on long distances.
  • Another difference is in the material of manufacture. Small boards are usually made of plastic, bigger ones are traditionally produced of wood. Both materials have a good degree of flexibility, however, plastic offers more agility in that category.
  • The shape of a smaller deck resembles a rocket, with a pointy front and a plat back. On the other hand, a standard skateboard is round on both sides, and a longer one is pointy both in front and in the back.

Frequently asked questions

What is penny board

How to clean a penny board?

There is no specific way to perform penny skateboard clearance. Some people prefer taking off the wheels and washing the deck with a high-pressure stream of water, others are prone to just wiping it with a wet cloth. One thing we know for sure is that you should give your skateboard frequent “baths” in order for dirt and dust not to accumulate and cause less friction.

How to stop on a penny board?

The conventional and safest way of doing it is to drag your back foot on the ground. If you do not want to tear down the soles of your shoes, you can just put your back foot on the ground sharply or calculate your speed as to stop at the necessary point naturally.

Is it safe to ride this board?

Some people argue that due to their size, mini skateboards create more possibility of accidents and falls. While it is better not to ride them on uneven surfaces or do tricks on them, these skateboards are perfectly safe. You may fall and receive some bruises and scrapes in the beginning, but failing is an essential part of learning. Once you feel more confident on this skateboard, you will be less likely to fall from it. We would advise wearing protective gear such as a helmet and knee covers to avoid serious injuries.

Is it safe to ride this board

All in all, if you want to add some speed to your everyday walks, but have no space for a bike, and no time to change your shoes after rollerskating, a mini skateboard is a perfect choice. It will make mundane tasks such as going to school or strolling in a park that much cooler.

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