How much does a fitness ball cost, what are they and how to choose one?

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Initially, the fitness ball was intended for the treatment of patients suffering from cerebral palsy. It was invented in the 1950s by a famous Swiss doctor. But later people started using it for sports, helping girls to cope with excess weight and strengthen muscles.

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Why do we need a fitball for adults and children?

There are at least 3 main reasons why to use this sporting item:

  • In the matter of weight loss, this sports equipment shows excellent results, because there are dozens and even hundreds of exercises for different muscle groups.
  • Fitball for women is necessary in prenatal programs that allow you to develop flexibility, increase skin elasticity, and tone the muscles of the pelvic floor. All these exercises are aimed at facilitating childbirth and accelerated recovery of the body afterwards.
  • Many doctors recommend fitball for babies, starting from 3 months old: it develops coordination, helps to keep the correct posture, and most importantly, stimulates metabolism.

If you want to motivate your child with sports, you should choose a fitness ball with a handle, because it is more convenient to stay in one position on it. It is used by beginners and considered to be a transitional model.

What is a massage ball for fitness?

A massage fitball, unlike the classic version, has horns or pimples. Most often, it is purchased for the treatment and prevention of cellulite – the therapeutic effect is proven and stable. Not suitable for those with sensitive skin.

If you don’t know how to choose a fitball with a massage effect, consider its main functions:

  • A small ball is needed to increase skin-muscle tone, at the risk of venous varicose veins, improve the functioning of the central nervous system.
  • Medium and large diameters are convenient for training along with increased blood flow, which has a beneficial effect on muscle tone.

The versatility of sports equipment

If you purchase large models, then you can use them for different tasks and work out all muscle groups:

  • Fitball for the back is used as a kind of weight and lever for stretching. There are a lot of kneeling and standing exercises with it that you can find online.
  • For more effective crunches or planks, use a spinal ball by placing your legs or back on the ball. Since during the exercise it is necessary to balance, additional muscle tension is created, which cannot be achieved in a static position.
  • Having placed the ball between the legs, use it as a fitball for the abdomen, performing exercises on the lower abs. It gives excellent results because it allows you to work out the muscles of the inner thigh, which are considered to be among the most difficult ones to develop.

There are many similar options for doing sports, and you just have to make your choice, which will be most convenient for your style of training. Our blog will help you decide which yoga mat to choose or fitness mat is better.

The perfect fitness ball: how to choose the right size for your height

When browsing sites looking for information on how much a fitball costs, you will notice that its price depends on two parameters: the manufacturer and the size. And if you can read reviews about the manufacturer, then the diameter of the ball must be selected depending on your height:

  • with height from 155 to 164 cm, select a product of 55 cm,
  • 165-174 cm requires a diameter of 65 cm,
  • for tall people, from 175 to 184 cm, 75 cm balls are suitable,
  • everyone who is taller than 185 cm must take a ball with a diameter of 85 cm or more.

These figures are approximate and are required if a fitball is purchased for beginners. After working out for a while, you will be able to determine which diameter is comfortable for you.

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