For what you need a yoga block?

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For what you need yoga block

Yoga is one of the most popular sports types among modern and progressive people who want to keep up with their physical and mental health. It is a great way to stretch your muscles, improve core strength, and relax. It is also suited for everyone, regardless of their physical shape. While you can perform various asanas without any equipment, bulk yoga blocks will help you to make the exercise time more effective.

Yoga bricks: materials and ways of use

High-density yoga blocks, also known as yoga bricks, can be made of several types of materials:

  • Foam;
  • Wood;
  • Cork;
  • Bamboo.

Each of them has its own advantages.

Best cork yoga blocks are made of oak trees. They are the most eco-friendly ones among the materials presented above, as the tree can regenerate and grow back after being cut. Cork bricks are firm and will not lose their shape with use. They are light and provide good friction with the floor and body due to the natural structure of the cork. They are also cheap and great for beginners.

cork yoga block
Cork block

One of the major downsides of this material is that it absorbs moisture and can get worn out due to sweat.

Foam bricks usually consist of the EVA foam. They are also on the cheap side, however, while some models can be recyclable and eco-friendly, others are not. They come in a variety of colors so you can select them to match your mat or workout clothes. These bricks are quite soft, so it is not recommended to use them for balance and place your entire body weight on them. They are rather suitable for cushioning the spine.

Foam brick
Foam brick

Wooden bricks are the hardest ones available. They are very durable and will not deform. Usually, these bricks are of solid wood, which makes them heavy, but you can also find some hollow models. Due to the fact that they are very sturdy, it is not advisable to use them under your back. They may also slip on a wooden floor.

Wooden brick
Wooden brick

When selecting the material of the blocks, make sure that you know exactly what you will be using them for, as some may not be suitable for a particular type of yoga. It is better to have all three types available at hand in case you want to try various asanas. The equipment is usually rectangular, but you can get custom yoga blocks of any shape, color, or material.

Yoga stretches with blocks

Exercise bricks can be used for different purposes. They can either make asanas easier or harder. For beginners, they can be used as support to lessen the distance to the floor and help with correct alignment. They can also be used for more complicated balancing.

Yoga stretches with blocks

If you are struggling with muscle tightness and slouching, these items can help you stretch out your hips and shoulders. And if you are not comfortable holding them while balancing, some models come with handles too.
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Here are the best-rated exercise bricks:

Manduka Recycled High Density EVA Foam Yoga Block

It has good friction, is light in weight, and eco-friendly. The cost is $20.

Gaiam Foam Yoga Block

It is also made of foam, less sturdy than wood or cork. The price is $13.

Trideer two pack bricks

Trideer two-pack – good for beginners as it contains two bricks. The price is $17.

Manduka Cork yoga brick

Manduka Cork – the cheapest one among the cork bricks, nevertheless, it is harder on joints. $22.

Wooden life Bamboo

Wooden-life Bamboo – a very long-lasting organic wooden brick for advanced yoga masters. Sold for $32.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of stretching your body with the help of various exercise bricks! 
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