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If you are tired of having to lie on a cold floor while exercising or getting rug burns, then you should definitely consider opting for some yoga mats at the Black Friday sale. Yoga mats are cheap in and of themselves, but what a pleasure it would be to get them almost for free with significant discounts! A person who is good at managing their finances would find any possibility to spend less money on anything. Especially if we are talking about quality products such as JadeYoga. Black Friday is a great opportunity to save on such necessary sports gear.

Best yoga mat specifications for Black Friday

Choosing a proper yoga mat is not that hard. It is just worth noting the material, length, thickness, and softness of the item. Thinner mats are designed for such yoga practices where people stay active and balanced. It is better to select more textured products to prevent slipping. Thicker mats are softer and suitable for meditation as well as slow yoga. For those who like voyaging, there are travel versions available too. They are more lightweight and compact in comparison to ordinary mats. In terms of length, you should make sure that the item has enough space for your entire upper body.

fitness mat black friday

The price of the mat is also dependent on its material. It can be:

  • PVC – nonbiodegradable plastic. It is rather durable, but not at all eco-friendly. Does not slide on the floor;
  • TPE – is less durable than PVC, but there are some eco-friendly options available;
  • Natural (organic jute, cotton, or rubber) – tends to be more slippery and not that durable. Nonetheless, it is an excellent choice if you care about the environment.

Each material has its pros and cons to consider. If you are planning on using your yoga mat not only for sports but also for meditation, you should consider going for more thick and durable models with a good grip.
Details about sport shakers and small gymnastic ball can be found on our blog.

exercise mat black friday

Another important aspect to pay attention to is the style of the mat. You want it to be physically appealing so that you have more motivation to do sports. Nowadays, you can get mats in a variety of colors (green, gold, pink – you name it) and prints. By choosing the best yoga mat on Black Friday, you will make your sports routine more pleasurable.

To get an exercise mat during Black Friday at the best price, you should research the parameters stated above in advance, before all the mats will be sold out. Try to look for early bird deals and additional special offers to maximize the discount. Usually, online stores post such deals on their website or social media, as well as have special bonuses for the people who are participating in their loyalty programs. Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2022 yoga mat “hunting” is a sport of its own, so you have to be prepared for it!

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Exercise mat Black Friday deals 2022

It is advisable to scan the market before the sales strike to see the initial prices and not be fooled by the manufacturers. There are so many items on offer that it can be a bit tiring to do. To save you time, we have identified the best potential yoga mat Black Friday deals in such stores as Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

yoga mat black friday
  • Amazon. Has over 1000 items of various thicknesses, designs, and qualities offered to the customers. The prices vary between $0.99 and $1143. As you can see, the choice is enormous and there are mats to fit any necessities and needs a customer may have.
  • Walmart. The prices start from $10 and end at $199. Overall, the products in this shop are cheaper than in the previous one, however, the design and thickness selection is rather the same.
  • Target. Has only 200+ items on offer with costs ranging from $16 to $300.

From this information, we can predict that Walmart will have the most affordable yoga mat Black Friday deals.

As insignificant as it may seem, a yoga mat is an important part of your exercise gear. The brands to choose from include Manduka, Athletic Works, BalanceFrom, CAP, Forericy, and many others. Do not miss your chance to purchase a cheap exercise mat on the Black Friday sale!

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