Choosing the best sports shaker

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If you look at this item, you will see a pretty glass with a lid. But, although it is also convenient to drink ordinary water from it, it is still multifunctional. A shaker is used by professional athletes and amateurs to prepare vitamin, energy, protein, and other cocktails, without which no workout can be done.

This simple yet functional tool makes it easy to carry multiple ingredients for mixing later. Most often, the shaker is used for protein, although any liquid for quick consumption can also be poured (instead of a lid, there is a clip on the latch).

They can be put inside a bag or attached to a backpack, most of which have a special pocket for these purposes. But, no matter what the price of a sports shaker is, both budget and “elite” models have the same design features:

  • lid,
  • bowl,
  • mesh for mixing,
  • holder,
  • clip.
shaker components

In addition to that, you can find a shaker with a container for medicine and bulk components. Because the shaker is sealed tightly, it will not allow the contents to spill. The remaining advantages occur from the specific features of a particular model, namely:

  • ease of transportation,
  • capacity,
  • weight,
  • uniformity of mixed ingredients.

If you look at reviews of shakers, you will notice that the main points that users pay attention to are:

  • type of grid used;
  • manufacturing materials;
  • number of sections;
  • chamber volume.

Manufacturers – both domestic and foreign – produce different models in terms of layout, materials, volume and other parameters. Using our brief educational program, you will select a product with the parameters that you specifically require. Photos of shakers will also come in handy: it is always useful to visually evaluate the product before buying it, because with all the pleasant and useful functionality, you may simply not like its appearance.

sport shaker

How to choose a functional shaker for sports nutrition?

Each selection parameter should be mentioned separately: one can not often find a shaker that will be 100% satisfactory. Therefore, we are providing you with a list of specific shaker features and the analysis of them by the models to help you make the best choice.

The type of mesh used

It also includes different ways of mixing liquid and bulk ingredients of the prepared mixture:

  1. The most common shaker has a plastic mesh in a classical shape of a well or a star. In most cases, it is enough to break up lumps of powder.
  2. Metal is considered more durable, but be prepared for loud noises during the mixing process. If you want to do everything quietly, this is definitely not your choice.
  3. A compromise between the two previous options is the model with a spiral: it has shown high efficiency in turning lumps and liquid into a homogeneous mass.

In all three types of shakers, a useful option is the presence of a special probe, with which it is easy to remove the mesh for washing.

Production material

There are also three options here:

  1. Metal, or rather, stainless steel, looks stylish and lasts a very long time. But there are also disadvantages: it weighs a lot and is more expensive. In addition, if you are going to use it for juices, then most of the vitamins will be lost due to oxidation.
  2. Silicone – the lightest and most ergonomic material. But it wears out quickly.
  3. The plastic shaker is made from food grade raw materials. Strong, durable, and light weight. It is the most common choice among customers.

If you opt for the latter option, then immediately take a professional shaker: it is transparent with a clearly visible scale for the exact dosage of the components.

Number of chambers and volume

The more compartments there are, the larger, respectively, the volume will be:

  1. A single-chamber one is almost always a 500 ml shaker, which is ideal for protein mixtures.
  2. A two-chamber one is used for powder and liquid, which is milk, juice, or water.
  3. A three-chamber one is the same as the previous model. It can store capsules.
  4. Four-chamber shakers with compartments are used to carry powder, liquid, capsules, and an additional portion of sports nutrition. Can reach a volume of 1200 ml.

The smallest models on sale are 200-300 ml. If you plan to prepare protein-based shakes, choose a 500ml option. Gainers need a large shaker with a volume of at least 700 ml. But, according to statistics, they often select 500-600 ml ones: it does not take up much space and a portion of food can be stored there that is sufficient for most athletes.

The most famous company for a person from the post-Soviet space is Herbalife Nutrition. In everyday life, the name of the brand is shortened to Herbalife shaker, produced by the American manufacturer of the same name.

shaker Herbalife

How the Herbalife shaker attracts customers:

  1. Long and glorious history of the brand itself, starting from 1980. The company has been specializing in sports nutrition and accompanying elements for more than 40 years, and does it successfully, which indicates a high class of products.
  2. Along with the quality materials from which any Herbalife shaker is made, the photos will also show you that designers have done a great job. The products are pleasant to look at with their modern shapes, rich colours, and functionality.
  3. The range includes dozens of items. It would seem that nothing new can be invented in this segment, but the designers of such a useful device manage to surprise us (in the same Herbalife 24 model, it is possible to remove all 4 containers, making a simple water shaker if you are not going to mix anything).

Next on the list of favourites is the Spider Bottle by German Sport Innovation (GSI). Although the Germans started producing sporting goods after the Americans (well, the trend for a healthy lifestyle came to Europe later), the modern Spider Bottle shaker has all the functionality necessary for comfortable operation. An attractive design is a bonus.

shaker Spider Bottle

If you are no longer in captivity of the publicized myth about the general low quality of Chinese goods, pay attention to the Blender Bottle shaker. The manufacturer is a serious competitor to Western firms. And on average, the Blender Bottle shaker will be cheaper than the previous options, but without losing quality: everything is in accordance with international certificates, made only from raw materials approved by health care and in compliance with technologies.
Also, our blog will help you choose the material for the fitness mat and choose the size for the fitball.

shaker Blender Bottle

Tip: do not look for user instructions – the operation of any products is as simple as possible, and understandable even to “dummies”. Open, pour, shake, and you are ready to go.

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