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If you want to build functional strength, keep your muscles toned, and get fit at home, then chest expanders are an excellent choice of equipment for that purpose. They will allow you to stay fit while exercising at home and can be used to train various groups of muscles. In case you want to make it even harder for yourself, chest exerciser resistance bands will also make the exercise more complicated to perform.

Chest expander types

A chest expander is a set of two handles connected to each other by steel springs or rubber cables. Although the steel model is a bit outdated, it is still manufactured and can be found on the shelves. The device is used to build up overall strength by pulling on the handles with one or both hands repeatedly.

metal oldschool expander
Metal "oldschool" expander

Depending on your physical ability, you can select a chest pull expander with various degrees of friction. A rubber chest one is considered to be safer and lighter, however, the “old school” vintage metal one is tighter.

hydraulic expander with “V” shape
Hydraulic expander with “V” shape

Another variation of this equipment is a hydraulic chest expander. It looks different from the original one but carries the same purpose. It is made entirely of metal and works both for squeezing and pulling. The two long metal handles are connected to the hydraulic traction mechanism and together they form a “V” shape. It is as effective as a spring chest variant and is very durable.


How can you use a spring chest exerciser?

How use chest exerciser

There are numerous exercise routines to try with this equipment. Depending on your goal and which muscles you want to train, you should consult with a professional fitness coach to determine your exercise routine and avoid unnecessary mistakes that can lead to disastrous results. 

Some of such common mistakes are:
Regardless of these warnings, exercising with chest exerciser resistance bands can bring loads of benefits:

Selecting the right expander

Selecting the proper sports equipment is a long process if you want it to be of outstanding quality and fit your needs excellently. To facilitate your search for the equipment, we have compared the prices and selection in the most popular shopping places: Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

Selecting the right expander

1. Target: has only 8 product options on sale. The highest price is $32.73, and the lowest – $17.99. The brands represented are CanDo, Body Glove, Lifeline, and Mind Reader.

2. Walmart: Has a great selection of rubber, spring and hydraulic variants, the most expensive one being $54, and the least expensive – $8.50. Some of the brands include Ofspeizc, Popvicly, Wrea, Livesture, MEROTABLE, Malisata, Elaydool, etc.

3. Amazon: as always, this website has the biggest offer on any types with prices ranging from $6.99 to whopping $546 for 3 in 1 sets. The brands are Generic, Mind Reader, EAST MOUNT, GLACUS, INNSTAR, Over News, THJJSS, VIVITORY, Boshen, PEYOND, HPYGN, and Lifeline chest expander.

Another notable brand is the Strauss, which can be found in multiple sports shops.

If you want to be proud of your “before and after”, do not hesitate to opt for a chest expander. This little accessory can change your body and life for the better if used properly and consistently.
How to get the exercise with comfort and maximum efficiency is described in other articles.

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