Advantages and features of a gymnastic stick

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gymnastic stick

The gymnastic stick is made of different materials, but with a rubberized coating, there are always knobs at the ends. And the bodybar is the same stick, but made of metal, because it is a kind of transitional element from the barbell to the dumbbells. Often used as a weighting agent in strength training. With its help, standard exercises are supplemented, increasing the number of muscles that have to be loaded.

Bodybar: what weight to choose for a beginner?

Adults choose for themselves the length of the stick from 90 to 120 cm, while children need a smaller one – 70-80 cm. But the choice of weight depends not so much on age as on physical fitness:

  • beginners take 1.5-3 kg;
  • after that they switch to 4.5-6 kg;
  • with intensive training – 6-9 kg;
  • professionals choose 12-18 kg.
Bodybar: what weight to choose for a beginner

Regardless of the materials of manufacture and the cost of the projectile, there is a generally accepted color designation of the ends of the bodybar for the convenience of distinguishing them by weight. There is no clearly defined color scheme, but most brands adhere to the following color identification of sports equipment:

  • yellow means 1.5-2 kg,
  • green – 3 kg,
  • red – 4 kg,
  • blue weighs 5 kg,
  • purple – 6 kg,
  • pink – 8 kg,
  • gray – 10 kg.

The main advantage of the bodybar is that anyone can practice with it. Regular back exercises with a stick become many times more effective. This is especially true for those moments when it is important to observe the correct posture (squats): the flat surface of the stick helps to monitor this.

generally accepted color designation of the ends of the bodybar

If you want to stop hunching over and develop the habit of walking with a straight back like a queen, stick posture exercises will come in handy. One of these is the use of a bodybar as a pole-stop: put it vertically in front of you, hold it with your hands and make a deflection with a flat back. Once in an inclined position, spring up and down, gradually increasing the deflection.

Why choose a bodybar?

The gymnastic apparatus looks simple, but there are many advantages in this simplicity:

  1. Even if you are not going to the gym, and you have minimum space at home, there will always be some for it. You can even put it vertically in the corner, and practice 10-15 minutes a day.
  2. If you choose the right model for weight, you will notice that it is even easier to hold it than a barbell or dumbbells.
  3. No wonder the surface is rubberized: this virtually eliminates the risk of dropping the projectile during the exercise. The grip part is made with the idea that your hands will be wet, but still not slip off. That is, the risk of injury is minimal.
  4. Great for those who have low physical activity, including due to sedentary work. With less than half an hour a day, you can easily build muscle and increase their tone.
  5. In stores, you can find inexpensive sticks, which are often even cheaper than a barbell or dumbbells.
Why choose a bodybar

If you put all the benefits together, you will get a kind of lifesaver for those who do not visit the gym and move little. And it will take up no more space than a mop.
A gymnastik ball is another benefit that can make your workouts more efficient.

Which is better: a body bar for fitness or a stick?

In the assortment of sports accessories and equipment you will find gymnastic sticks of different materials and weight:

  1. If you need a classic gymnastic stick, the price and weight will depend on the material of manufacture. The most common are plastic, wood, aluminum. They are light, and therefore suitable for beginners and those who have health problems, because of which weight lifting is limited.
  2. Unlike the classic version, bodybars are made entirely of metal. There is a rubber coating on the surface so that the hands do not slip.
  3. For the rehabilitation process, a model with a shock absorber is often used. If you look at the photo instructions, the exercises will be shown mainly for the spine. This is a specific recovery program aimed at loading the lower body and all back muscles.
Which is better: a body bar for fitness or a stick

For home use by beginners, a wooden stick of minimum or average weight is sufficient. As soon as you move on to a larger load, you can take the metal version.
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