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traveling hammock

If you want to rest in a beautiful area, a hammock is what you require. It is a fun piece of traveling equipment that can even become a part of your house outdoor furniture. But even with a simple thing like this item, you need to know all the details about various manufacture fabrics, mounts, and other things prior to purchasing it.

Hammock mount and other parts

What is a hammock? It is a piece of cloth of a tight net woven with ropes that is hung between two points and used as a place to lie down. They usually consist of:

  1. Fabric – usually polyester or nylon;
  2. Ropes or straps – hardware for a hammock used to attach it to the trees or poles;
  3. Carabine hooks;
  4. Spreader bars – optional.

component parts of a hammock

There are several types of mounts, including:

  • Tree Straps – made out of nylon.
  • Stand- if you do not have any trees or poles around, this is a frame that will hold the item independently;
  • Post or Column Mount – used to attach the product to a pole;
  • Wall Mount – used to attach the item in question to a wall.

There are several criteria by which you can determine which product you need specifically. These are:

  1. Size (typically 9-10ft (ca 2.7–3 m) long and 4-5ft (ca. 1.2-1.5 m) wide for a double, and 7-8ft (ca. 2-2.4 m) long and 3-4ft (ca. 0.9-1.2 m)wide for a single).
  2. Weight limit;
  3. Material;
  4.  Durability;
  5. Attachment methods’ strength;
  6. Size when packed;
  7.  Color;
  8.  Weight;
  9. Additional accessories;
  10. Set-up time.

Besides the traditional form, there can also be a frame for a chair that looks like a hammock. It can be suspended from trees, poles, or even ceilings, and became a furniture item of choice for many people who wanted to add some boho style to their room.

hammock chair


The best material for outdoor hammock

It on several factors, including the purpose, durability, and comfort. The most popular materials are:

  • Nylon: have a UV-resistant coating, dry quickly and is very durable. A popular choice for the product.
  • Polyester: similarly to nylon is durable, water-resistant, and does not fade under the sun.
  • Cotton: an eco-friendly version. This material is natural and soft, however it takes longer to dry. Hence, it is recommended to use it only in areas without excessive humidity.
  • Synthetic Weave: DuraCord or Sunbrella are as durable as polyester or nylon, but softer.

Various materials are suitable for different climates and situations, so you need to consider those factors when choosing the product. It is also important to check the weight limit before you buy anything. It should be stated in the description of the product, however, generally it constitutes 400–450 pounds (ca. 180-200 kg).

Hammocks you can sleep in

If you want not just to rest in nature, but maybe take a nap or sleep through the night, there are options which are bigger and softer.

Some of the most popular two person rope hammocks are:

  • Camping – designed for hiking and camping. Usually include some additional features like a bug net.
  • Mayan – a traditional Mexican option that is produced from either cotton or nylon. They are soft, comfortable, and suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.
  • Jungle – designed specifically for rainforests and other humid areas. They are made of water-resistant materials, include rain traps, bug nets, and the fabric dries quickly.
  • Travel – lightweight and easy to transport options.

Brand comparison

There is a huge number of brands that produce various types of the product and accessories to it like, for example, a polyester hammock chair. TOP 5 brands include:

ENOa well-known brand that offers a selection of items with various modification both in the mass market and luxury segments
Tenton sportsoffers products suited for camping;
Kammokpresents items made from sustainable, environmentally friendly, and natural materials.
Grand Trunka brand that specializes on portability and ease of transportation;
Hennessyoffers lightweight designs, usually fitted in a backpack, that are suitable for hiking and camping.

If you are looking for the best quilted hammock, here are some models you should consider:

ENO DoubleNest Quilted

It is soft and breathable, also large enough to fit two people;

Kammok Roo Quilted

As mentioned above, this brand uses sustainable materials

Grand Trunk TrunkTech Quilted

A comfortable portable option.

Castaway Quilted Fabric with Stand

For those who have nowhere to hang the product and want it to stand independently.

There are also models of our product that are considered the best according to customer reviews. They are:

  1. ENO DoubleNest;
  2. Kammok Roo;
  3. Grand Trunk Ultralight;
  4. Hennessy Explorer Deluxe.

You can find them all and more either on the official websites of these brands or on Amazon. This store offers items in a variety of colors and prices. You can find any model, like a freestanding hammock with canopy for a price ranging from $18 to $2000 (for swing chairs).

Another place to find budget-friendly items is Walmart. Here you can look for some cheaper options with a cost of $12-$320.

Interesting facts and other ways of use

A modern garden hammock with a wooden frame as we know it now, came from indigenous communities of Central and South Africa. It is believed that the item was used by indigenous people of Mexico, the Caribbean, and Africa long before Columbus arrived. In late 19th century it became really popular all around the world and was installed in parks and other recreational areas instead of benches.

This product was also quite popular among sailors, which used it as a sleeping place that saves the space and allows air to circulate. Besides, statistics shows that sleeping in this device has health benefits like improving sleep quality and reducing back pain.

quilted hammock

A hammock with frames and attachments made of metal or wood can not only be used for sleeping and lying down in. It can also be a piece of sports equipment. Yoga and stretching with the use of this product are gaining more and more popularity. It is also effective in therapy, to make the patient feel more comfortable and make the environment more clam and friendly for them.

In some cultures, these items are also used instead of cribs. People carry children in them and lull them to sleep. The softness of the material and the singleness of the item comforts babies and makes them think they are being hugged.

All around the world hammocks with an independent stand or with ropes continue to be popular. This is a great tool not only for sleeping, but also for recreation, sports, and therapy. From their origins in Africa to popular equipment for sailors and soldiers, this item proves to be highly versatile and universal.

sport hammock

Today, this item comes in a variety of colors and shapes, suitable for a single person camping or as a large double. The product does not lose its cultural significance.

If you are considering buying this timeless accessory that will bring more joy to your leisure time, camping with friends, or yoga and other types of exercise, stop hesitation and simply go for it. This simple construction can be found in a variety of modifications for relatively cheap prices and it will improve your mood and health significantly.
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