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Tactical military backpack can be used not only in combat, but also for fishing or hunting. Fishermen can put equipment in it, and hunters, in addition to hunting accessories, use it for camouflage purposes. Therefore, this backpack is necessary for everyone who loves outdoor recreation. However, the army backpack is primarily created for the military, who need to keep everything they require at hand.

How to choose a tactical backpack

Advantages of a tactical backpack

These accessories have advantages, namely:

  • They are made out of durable fabrics and are designed for long-term use;
  • They are convenient, because the soldiers need to move for a long time and not get tired;
  • They are designed with the MOLLE system, which allows attaching additional bags.

The MOLLE system is the main difference and specificity of tactical backpacks, increasing their price. It comprises additional slings which can be used to attach extra bags with different items. It is highly useful since everyone can add a bag to the backpack according to the conditions of their activity.

Besides, such backpacks can be produced either with or without a frame. Thus, they can vary in colour, shape, quality, and size.

Military backpacks can be divided into the following categories:

  • A tactical backpack for 25l. It is practically the same as a usual backpack. People who often go on business trips or hike near a city and have to carry a lot of stuff with them, choose a tactical backpack for men, because it is more spacious and durable.
  • A tactical assault backpack for 35 l (maximum – 40 l). It is suitable not only for combat conditions, but also for short hikes, hunting, and fishing.
  •  A tactical backpack of 50 liters or more should be considered if the two options listed above are not enough. All backpacks with a capacity of 40 liters or more are considered large, because few people need them in everyday life.

Talking about duffel bags, they can be categorized in the following way:

  1. 20-40 liters for one day;
  2. 40-50 liters for 3-6 days;
  3. 65-80 liters for up to 15 days.
military backpack

During a war, a large backpack is needed to carry medical or military equipment, as well as for long hikes. In this case, a tactical backpack for 90 liters would be the best: it can fit a tent, personal belongings, shoes, and other items.

The materials used in the manufacturing of such backpacks include:

  • Leather. It is the most durable but rarely used material;
  • Tarpaulin. It used to be a popular material, because it was water-resistant;
  • Cordura. It is a modern and frequently used material;
  • Nylon – used to produce cheaper tactical backpacks. It is the most common material used in production.

The backpacks produced in Ukraine can be manufactured with the use of any materials mentioned above or their combinations.
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