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sun lounger for camping

An indispensable attribute of any trip out of town is a garden bed lounger. During a trip to the sea or the coniferous forest, a weekend at the cottage or a regular fishing trip with friends, all this desire to relax and rest comfortably, taking with you garden sun loungers it will turn out at the highest level. When choosing a product for camping, you need to focus on 3 classifications: the type of design, the shape of the product, and the type of material of the model. Let’s talk about the material, as this is a very important nuance and your attention should be not only on the main composite component, but also on the additional materials – both the frame and the fabric base must be of the highest quality.

Types of camping loungers

Their varieties depend directly on the material from which they were made. Consider all the pros and cons of the materials below.

Metal lounger:

Metal lounger
Metal lounger

Aluminum. Their advantage in some models with an aluminum frame is that this construction is more durable and lightweight. Some textile parts can be made of both hard materials – different types of wood, and soft – different fabrics, they are all-weather.


Rattan lounger:

Rattan lounger
Rattan lounger

Rattan. It is a material from the tropical liana. It doesn’t rot from moisture, tolerates it, and doesn’t fade from the sun. Unfortunately it can’t change its position, but it looks very aesthetically pleasing, in addition it is more stable and has low weight, easy to maintain and store.


Wooden lounger:

Wood lounger
Wooden lounger

Wooden. They are eco-friendly and attractive because they are made entirely of wood. But if you need it to be soft, it can be supplemented with a mattress or cushion for your comfort.


Plastic lounger:

Plastic lounger
Plastic lounger

Plastic. A real find, it is a cheap option to relax under the open sky and bask in the warm sunlight on the beach. It is easy to care for, durable and its cost isn’t high.


Always be guided not only by appearance but also by comfort and practicality. Choosing a model, you must first decide under what conditions it will be used. If you are constantly outdoors, under precipitation and the sun, it is better to take a plastic model. For hiking will be a more reliable product with a metal frame. And if the owner will be able to provide proper care for the product, time to hide it from rain and strong sunlight, then a wooden model will do.

The difference between a premium and a regular lounger

difference between a premium and a regular lounger

The fold out lounger has several varieties, each of which has certain advantages that are suitable for use in specific conditions. When you decide to choose one for yourself, you need to consider some factors. First, whether you plan to rest in one position or whether you will want to change the angle of the back. Secondly, you need to consider its material, perhaps you will take a hard cushioned reclining sun lounger. You should also consider that choosing a premium model you can’t worry about reliability and quality of the product, and be the owner of additional nice features.

Luxury camping lounger chairs. This variety is in great demand. The design can change position, which is very convenient during picnics. They differ from the usual ones in their multifunctionality. The regular one has only a couple of functions: its backrest can be fixed in 4 positions, has wooden armrests and is compactly foldable. While the premium version is designed with all the little details in mind and has a smooth adjustment, “Zero Gravity” position, removable headrest, durable powder-coated frame, that it is also weatherproof, comfortable and sturdy. Its quality and comfortable size will contribute to a very comfortable use.

lounger with zero gravity system
Lounger in “Zero Gravity” position

Premium rattan sun beds are a modern and quality piece of garden furniture. It is spacious and movable, with a soft and comfortable seat, which will give an unforgettable rest in the fresh air. Its practical yet lightweight design is equipped with wheels, giving even more mobility to this model. Premium features also include a 5-position headboard adjustment feature. The regular excludes all these features and reduces them to a minimum, hence its price is many times less.

The plastic outdoor sun lounger is used most often. It is suitable for the beach and garden, choosing the premium version you get advanced features:

  • Resistant to adverse weather conditions and UV rays;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Backrest is adjustable;
  • Has an ergonomic design;
  • No assembly required;
  • Made of durable plastic;
  • Non-metallic frame – won’t rust or rot;
  • Thanks to high temperature-resistant polypropylene, colors do not burn out or fade;
  • Easy to clean and easy to store;
  • Folding legs, stackable.

The next great option is the folding recliner lounger, which can be folded up and easily moved around. It is very comfortable because it has a headrest, armrest and footrest. Premium versions have the advantage of a cupholder or table, as well as many adjustment positions and a visor over the head to protect against the sun.

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