Army flasks – a useful tool or a fashion choice?

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military flasks

If you have not been living under a rock, you must know that soldiers use special bottles to keep their water and other liquids at hand. However, this accessory would also make a perfect gift for someone who likes army-themed things or just finds having a small bottle at hand useful. So what makes an army flask durable, light, and functional?

Materials used for production

There are multiple manufacturing materials which can be used to produce a military flask, such as:

  • Plastic;
  • Stainless steel;
  • Silver;
  • Borosylicate glass;
  • Leather.

Because stainless steel is a lot more durable, it is more popular than other materials. The inside of the bottle is sometimes coated with silver for better temperature retention using heat radiation reflection. The product is painted matte army green to stay consistent with the military camouflage.

Another version of a flask is called a canteen

Another version of a flask is called a canteen. Its only difference from a usual army bottle is its shape. It is designed to be flat and often soft, with the possibility of attaching it to a belt for easy transportation. Some might say that its shape resembles a kidney. Because it is closer to the body, its disposition allows for keeping the temperature of the liquids warm.

A cool gift for those who like outdoor activities

Nowadays, you can buy a navy hip flask or a similar one on the internet as a souvenir and even engrave custom quotes or pictures on it. It is a great present for someone who enjoys hiking, travelling, or just taking long walks, as this device is compact, almost weightless, and can be clasped onto a piece of clothing or a backpack.

Royal Selangor Flask
Royal Selangor Flask

If you are a fan of drinking elite alcohol with style, a product like this (for example, an air force flask) can make this experience feel even more classy. And you do not even have to spend that much on it. On Amazon, you can find this item for as much as $12. Of course, if you desire to have durable materials, the prices rise up to $165 for a limited edition Royal Selangor one. According to reviews, the best option is GSI Outdoors Boulder Flask for $20 or Stanley Classic Flask with Never-Lose Cap at the price of $26.

GSI Outdoors Boulder Flask
GSI Outdoors Boulder Flask
Stanley Classic Flask with Never-Lose Cap
Stanley Classic Flask

Another platform to purchase a budget-friendly product is Walmart. The prices there are quite consistent for all the designs and constitute around $20.

How to care for this product

The key thing is not to leave liquids there for a long time. Long-term exposure to moisture can lead to bacteria and mould which will then have to be scraped off the surface of the bottle, and the bottle itself will have to be carefully disinfected. Some of these products are designed for a dishwasher, but you have to check it twice to avoid accidents and breakages. It is better to wash it by hand, using a special thin brush to get to all the nooks and crannies. Besides, be sure to wash all the soap out carefully, otherwise, you will have a high chance of poisoning yourself if some of the foam gets into your drinking water or other liquids that you put in there.

special thin brush to wash flask

Enjoy your drinks with style! 
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