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There is no better place to gather your family for a BBQ or a dinner in summer, than a large table in your backyard. But how to choose a durable one that will not rust and fall apart after some time? What materials are the best? And what options are there for travelling and camping?

All-weather outdoor picnic table

These products come in all sizes imaginable and can be produced from a variety of materials, each having its pros and cons:

  • Wood – a common option that is durable and sturdy. With a waterproof coat, this material will serve you a long time. It is also very easy to wash and maintain.
  • Metal – non-rusting metals are used in production. The models can look quite elegant and serve you for a long time with almost no maintenance required.
  • Plastic – if you want to go for a more affordable version, then this is for you. Plastic items come in a variety of colors, they are lightweight and easy to transport and fold. This is a perfect solution for those who have little space in their backyard.

The picnic table texture is different depending on the material of production. Usually, the product is coated in varnish, which gives it a smooth finish. There can also be non-slip rubbery coats on the desk.

All weather outdoor picnic table

The table for picnic dimensions can be different. The regular size is about 6-8 ft in length, 2.5-3 ft in width with a height of about 30 inches (76.2 cm). Of course, there are other models with different dimensions to fit any space.

There are both pros and cons to this product.

The disadvantages may include:

Portable picnic table for a beach

This is a totally different type of table than the one you would use outside your house. It is rather small, lightweight, extremely portable, as well as water and sand resistant. They are usually made out of plastic, aluminum, or bamboo. Some models can have built-in umbrellas and shades. They may come together with sunbeds, or you can select the color and material separately to match something you already own.

Portable picnic table for a beach

When shopping for this item it is important to remember what kind of beach you are going to use it on, whether there will be sand or pebbles, whether the water will be salty or not, and so on. This is because some materials are more prone to rusting and wearing down in certain environments.

A folding beach table in a bag is an excellent option for those who do not have a lot of space in their car or have to carry everything in their hands, as this item becomes extremely small and could be hung on a shoulder.

Camping travel table

Yet another modification of a small table that could be brought anywhere. They are compact products designed specifically for outdoor use and withstanding different weather conditions. The most common manufacturing materials are aluminum and plastic. Most of the models have adjustable legs and durable tabletops. Like the ones mentioned before, there also can be a camping table with an umbrella to provide protection from the sun.

Camping travel table

A quality camping table can be set up really quickly. They can even be stored in a backpack, which makes them very easy to transport. The general dimensions of this item can constitute:

  • Length – 24–48 inches (60-120 cm);
  • Width – 12–24 inches (30-60 cm);
  • Height – 20–40 inches (50-100 cm).

These parameters may vary depending on the brand. The most famous one is the timber camping table.

Small folding aluminum camping table advantages and disadvantages


It is important to take into consideration your own needs and all the purposes you will be using the item for before weighing all the advantages and disadvantages, as well as buying a specific product.

Why can these products be left outside all year round?

Due to the materials mentioned earlier, it is safe to say that you can leave all kinds of tables outside, whether it be a folding plastic beach table, or a compact folding table for camping, for a very long time without damaging them. That is because the materials from which they are produced are coated with weather-resistant sealant. If the item is made of wood – it is usually lumber or cedar, which are moisture-resistant in and of themselves. Aluminum can also withstand corrosion and rust.

compact folding table for camping

Plastic versions contain UV inhibitors that prevent damage from sunlight and other weather conditions. Some of these items do not even lose their color with time.

A simple BBQ or a picnic can be made so much more pleasurable with a nice place to put all the plates on. It may seem insignificant, but after buying this item, you start appreciating the possibility of having your morning coffee outside with comfort.
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