Chest expander

Chest expander

🕒 4 minutes If you want to build functional strength, keep your muscles toned, and get fit at home, then chest expanders are an excellent choice of equipment for that purpose. They will allow you to stay fit while exercising at home and can be used to train various groups of muscles. In case you want to make …

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Exercise with comfort

Exercise with comfort black friday

🕒 4 minutes If you are tired of having to lie on a cold floor while exercising or getting rug burns, then you should definitely consider opting for some yoga mats at the Black Friday sale. Yoga mats are cheap in and of themselves, but what a pleasure it would be to get them almost for free with …

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How much does a fitness ball cost, what are they and how to choose one?

how to choose fitness ball

🕒 3 minutes Initially, the fitness ball was intended for the treatment of patients suffering from cerebral palsy. It was invented in the 1950s by a famous Swiss doctor. But later people started using it for sports, helping girls to cope with excess weight and strengthen muscles. Why do we need a fitball for adults and children? There …

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Choosing a yoga mat

Choosing a yoga mat

🕒 3 minutes Yoga classes are growing in popularity by 15-20% each year, especially for women. For them, this is the perfect way to find a middle ground between working days and household chores. Going in for sports, a person should feel comfortable and calm, otherwise you will not get the desired result from the training and all …

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